The Tap House Hotel in Balaclava is a couple of blocks away, and I have often dropped in for a little comedy on Monday night. The evening is called “Local Laughs,” except during the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s been on every week for 19 years. The longest-running comedy room in Melbourne! Judith Lucy, Dave Hughes and Adam Hills have all worked the tiny Tap House stage. A night at Local Laughs wouldn’t be the same without its mistress of mirth and MC, Janet McLeod. Initially from Ballarat, and dubbed the Fairy Godmother of Melbourne Comedy, she is a writer, performer, trivia trailblazer and co-host of the popular Cinema Fiasco. Janet is also the producer of Local Laughs.

"I was a shy child. It wasn’t until I started doing theatre sports, I started to loosen up. I found my crew"

Janet McLeod

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Nandita Chakraborty is an Indian Australian author with two published novels under her belt. Her new book Dirty Little Secrets, a memoir set in Delhi and Melbourne, takes her readers on a no-holds-barred account of what it means to lose oneself and rise like a phoenix to start anew.

“The distance from Delhi to Melbourne is 10,213 km and the total distance to travel in search of oneself is limitless” – Nandita Chakroborty

Nandita and I are friends on Facebook. I had no idea that behind her cheery DM’s she held secrets, suffered terrible heartache and sustained a disability after falling 40 metres. When we next texted on social media, I asked Nandita if she’d like to be a guest on my podcast channel, Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame .

She replied, to my delight. “I’d love to.”

Nandita then sent an attachment about the dangers of online dating. Headline – ‘She thought she’d found love, but instead, she was scammed!’ “I’m featured in this article. Have you seen the Tinder Swindler?” I hadn’t seen the Netflix series. But made a mental note to view it. “Watch it!” she texted back. I hit thumbs up 

Listen to “Dirty Little Secrets Podcast!

Nandita supports Disability Australia, Beyond Blue and Bully Zero.

More Info: https://linktr.ee/noelanderson



"You’ve done the impossible! Produced an original Australian musical where the muse is a glamorous Audrey Hepburn. Then what? That’s why I urge you “Never Write An Aussie Musical 🎵” It's like going to Bootcamp for ten years," writer/director Noel Anderson.  Presentation recorded "live online" for the Breakout Writer's Festival 11/09/2021 

Note: Noel is introduced by author Mat Clarke and this podcast features the song "Travellers in Time" from Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets.


Several years ago I devised and directed a play for the Melbourne Fringe Festival around a monologue I wrote called Confide in Me . The show was called Love Kills 2017  It consisted of a collection of stories about love-going-horribly-wrong. One piece, Intoxicated, was written by a lovely lady called Melka Stansah. When I first read Intoxicated I was surprised that such a noir tale of murder, lust, and revenge could come from a sweet and unassuming creature!

Gina Gray, Gina Gray. Her beautiful face, her mysterious perfume!

To help Melka’s noir vision along, I called on an actor I’d worked on/off with for over a decade, Graham Murray. I knew Graham had the right eccentricity to pull it off! The rest I guess is history. Love Kills 2017 was a surprise hit of the festival and Intoxicated a favourite with our enthusiastic audiences.

Intoxicated is presented here as a podcast. It is written by Melka Stansah, performed by Graham Murray and produced and directed by Noel Anderson.

This Stephen King inspired tale will make you think twice about going for a stroll along the roadside. 

Some years ago, I joined the Melbourne Writers Social Group, partly because writing can be lonely and also to spy on other writers, maybe even even collaborate on something.

Mat Clarke, writer and performer in this podcast,  is the organiser of the group. Each year MWSG produce an online anthology, I thought it might be fun to record ROADSIDE a piece from the anthology as a short podcast. Both Mat and I are fans of horror writer Stephen King, often quoting from King’s book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. There’s more than a nod to King in this collaboration. I hope you enjoy listening to ROADSIDE: The Podcast, it’s sure to send a shiver up and down your spine! Cheers Noel Anderson

ROADSIDE: The Podcast – Written and Performed by Mat Clarke – Edited and Directed by Noel Anderson – adapted from a short story in Melbourne Writers Social Anthology – Running time 4.46 minutes.

Is youth wasted on the young? Imagine if you wrote an email and sent it to yourself as a 17-year-old teenager, what advice would you offer? Would you tell yourself to do things any differently? Would you warn of all the difficulties yet to be lived? More importantly, would teenage you even listen.  This is the dilemma in my new podcast Email To My 17-Year-Old SELF. I hope you enjoy itNoel Anderson

Six years ago, I put earbuds in and turned iTunes up full blast. I hit repeat. Then, I did it again. It had been a week since my breakup, the pain cut deep. A 10 year relationship over. I had a lot to empty, a lot to get out of my head. I wrote overnight, stopping for Promite on toast then back to work. I was on autopilot. Just who is flying this ship? Stay in the moment, with the melody inside you. Out of heartache grew a rose with thorns. Beautifully sharp, about love and music, what else? Not tied up with a pretty pink bow, but bloody. Keep hold, keep on writing, I remember thinking. It hurt like friggin’ hell. I called this hell, ‘Confide in Me’ and now I want to share it with you as a podcast’ – Noel Anderson  3/03/2018

‘Music is the great healer of broken hearts. I know, cause I’ve been there, I’ve been broken’

Warning: Adult Themes


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